Abstract Submission
All patricipants sumitting papers (Plenary, Invited, General (Oral and Poster) Papers) must submit ABSTRACT.
Deadline for submission of abstract papers (A4, 2 pages) is May 31, 2007 . The abstract should be sent to the GelSympo 2007 Secretariat by e-mail ( gelsympo@cross.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp ) as an attached MS Word file.

Instructions for Submission of Abstract

1) Processor: MS Word (Language: English)
2) Page: A4 (210 x 297 mm), 2 pages
3) Margin: 25mm all sides
4) Font: Times New Roman
・Title: 14 point bold, centered
・Author(s): Full name(s), 12 point, centered, the presenting author underlined
・Affiliation and address: 12 point italic, centered
・E-mail address of the presenting author underlined: 12 point, centered
・Text and References: 10.5 point
5) Line space in the text: single space, leave a single space between E-mail address and main text
6) Illustrations: Proper figure preparation is required for optimum reproduction of line drawings and photographs. Only black and white figures will be acceptable.